Junkosha HB3 tubing 8x5.5, UV shielded

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Product number: HB3-0855
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The yellow color comes from the UV filter in the outer tube layer, blocking those wave lengths that will cure UV inks and UV coatings. 
The HB3 tube was developed to allow operators to see if the tube is completely filled with liquid or if there are air bubbles in the tubing. Air bubbles could lead to print errors on digital printing heads or uncoated spots on coated surfaces. 
HB3-0855 is equipped with a fluoropolymer inner layer, offering maximum chemical compatibility. 
Dimensions 8mmOD x 5.5mmID, roll lengths of 100 meter. 
Excellent bending properties.

Typical applications:
  • Digital printers using UV inks
  • Coating line using UV curable coatings like anti-scratch or protective coating
UV Blocking: UV-shielded (Yellow)
Outer diameter: 8
Inner diameter: 5.5